Identify risk in your crypto portfolio

2022 was a record-breaking year for crypto. Never before have so many exchanges and projects tanked before our eyes. You may have been involved in one of these debacles. Even if you weren't directly affected, you're worried what might happen next. That's where Paper Hands comes in.

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Paperhands Benefits

We're a portfolio tracker that specialize in risk management

We review the risk of crypto assets, blockchains and storage methods to give you a FREE RISK AUDIT. We monitor your assets in real-time to track the health of your portfolio over time and give you the most up-to-date information.


More than a dashboard. We keep you informed.

Paper Hands doesn't end after your initial risk audit. The market changes everyday. That's why our specialist team and bot sidekicks track new developments that impact risk daily. We go out of our way to keep you informed!

Best Practices & Benchmarks

If we notice risk in your portfolio, we'll explain why it's risky and share our top recommendations to keep your crypto safe. We'll even benchmark your risk level against our recommended risk distribution.

An ever-growing risk database

Our database includes over 2100 assets and 37 storage methods, and this is growing everyday.

Keeping you informed

Don't worry about logging into the app everyday. We'll reach out by email whenever one of your assets has increased its risk level. We'll share some context around the change and recommendations to improve your portfolio health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we get asked a lot.

Paperhands is a risk management tool for casual traders to understand the implications behind their crypto investments.
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